What Size is Best for My Wall Art? Montgomery County, PA Child and Family Photographer

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Is bigger always better?

When it comes to Custom Wall Art...yes!


Today, I'm super excited to answer one of the most popular questions I'm asked from clients. "What size is best for my wall art?"

Have a look at the Wall Display Guide below to see how different print sizes would look relative to your living space. Note that 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 sizes are best suited as table top displays. For walls, larger sizes always look best. 




Many clients ask me just how large they should be showcasing their images. The bigger the better! If you're choosing just one of your session images, I would recommend going as large as possible. 



Here is an example showing a 30 x 40 canvas in a living room with a full-sized couch.

Many of my clients LOVE this size - some think it's still too small! :) It all depends on your room, wall space and furniture. Generally though, if you're looking for a standalone image, this is a great starting size to consider!





Here is the same living room with a 8 x 10 sized canvas. 

I think many people consider an 8 x 10 to be a large print - as a standalone image it just doesn't fit the bill for a centerpiece. When you actually see what it looks like next to a full-sized couch, it really puts it into perspective. What do you think? 




Custom wall art is never confusing or stressful with KMP. I'm here to guide you through the entire process - from selecting images, the ideal products for your home and even designing the layout (when selecting more than one image). 


If you'd LOVE custom wall art - click HERE to see how snapping one photo can help your visualize custom wall art in YOUR home!




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