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There’s no such thing as other people’s children.


We have more power than we realize. Our power can be used to help support what we believe in, something that needs to be changed. We may not be able to do everything – but we can, absolutely, do something. Together Rising is now one of my somethings.




Together Rising is the kind of love we need.


Since 2012, Together Rising has raised over $9 million dollars. This money has been and will continue to be used to work with refugees, homeless youth in the United States, and for many other children and families in crises. They also work closely with Project HOME, a Philadelphia non-profit organization. I LOVE that most of Together Rising’s funds are raised through Love Flash Mobs! These fundraisers have revolutionized crowd-sourced online giving – thousands of strangers donating to meet a particular need in a matter of hours. 100% of what Together Rising receives goes directly to help those in need.

The most amazing thing is that this project is accessible to everyone. The maximum contribution you can make is $25. You can make a difference today!



Together Rising raised $215,000 to ensure that 10-year old Samir, a child severely wounded by ISIS, received the treatment needed to heal, and to provide several internally displaced families with food, shelter and protection.





“Love is not Either/Or. Love is AND/BOTH.”

As not just a child photographer, but also a mother, I am committed to paying forward to children worldwide the chance for a better life. Today my heart is so full with love as I share this amazing organization with my KMP Family!

If you’d like to join me in the healing, uplifting work of Together Rising, please head on over and make a small contribution.

Let’s unite in LOVE! Today you and I can join so many others and make a difference!



“We live in a world where people believe that We Belong To Each Other.

We live in a world where people give away hard-earned money to strangers.

We live in a world where Love Wins.

And we have proof: Since 2012, Together Rising has raised Nine Million Dollars, with a mean donation of $25.”



Share, share, share!

Please share this amazing organization! Send an email to family and friends, post links on social media, or even go “old school” and pick up the phone. :)

You can learn all about the life-saving work being done here. And I’ll be sharing updates and those awesome Love Flash Mobs in the future too!


As always, thanks for allowing me to be a part of your world. :)


With all my love and appreciation,




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