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Hi there! I'm Kel. :)

I’m a mama (to that little guy on the left), goofball, chocoholic and a movie & music nut. I am SO lucky to get to do what I love. Being able to share your special moments makes me feel honored. If you like what you see in my portfolio, you’re going to love your photos! I believe every picture I give you should be wall-art-worthy. Looking forward to creating wonderful memories for you!



Your moments.

You are not looking for forced smiles or to have your family all-dolled out in matching outfits. You want that moment captured. You know the one I’m talking about. Maybe it’s the way your little girl bites her lip when she’s being shy, or how your son loves to jump, a glimpse of that dimple when your baby smiles, or the love on your husband’s face when you look at him. 

These are the moments that matter.




My philosophy isn’t about capturing your family in matching outfits. It isn’t about showcasing forced smiles. I would choose a tickle-fight over saying "smile!" any day! Life isn’t posed, but it is beautiful. Imperfectly so. Life is about real moments; big or small, the moments that matter. My photography embraces these moments. 

Your moments are my passion.


Why hire me?

Friends and customers who have hired me describe me as friendly, kind, patient, and most of all someone who genuinely cares about my clients.



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