Kel Murphy Photography published in popular photography magazine










In 2012 I attempted a 365 project - meaning I would shoot, edit and then submit a photo a day. I decided to make it even more interesting by doing only self-portraits. Needless to say, despite my best attempts I lasted just over a month. :) I had no idea how difficult it was to create unique self-portraits, let alone shooting and editing one every single day. To be honest, I'm much better behind the camera than in front of it. The hardest part for me was having to look at myself that often, especially with editing. Forty self portraits seemed like plenty to me!

I was ecstatic when I received an email from the editor of Popular Photography Magazine! She was asking permission to use one of my self-portraits, entitled "On the outside looking in", for a how-to segment in the June 2012 issue! Apparently they had been searching the internet for a low-light portrait and came across my refrigerator shot.

The whole experience is still surreal to me. I am SO honored to have been selected! If you've never picked up a copy of Popular Photography, do it! They have such wonderful reviews, tips and imagery.


Kel Murphy Photography published in Popular Photography Magazine





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