Hiya, I'm Kel!


I'm a  fearless dreamer.


There’s a moment between having a dream and chasing a dream - you know what I’m talking about. That is the moment that I love to capture.

My dreams were always revolved around photography and design, working with teens/children, and traveling. I found a way to accomplish all of these - added an amazing business and a goofy 6-year-old sidekick to the mix. I can honestly say that I love what I do.

I adore seeing other dreamers on the way to reaching their goals. It is an absolute honor to capture high school seniors during this amazing turning-point in their lives!


Maybe you're thinking...what does this 30-something-year-old know about being a teenager?! Hey, I'm not that old - and I would like to think that I'm still pretty cool. Maybe just a little bit. :) I do know what it's like being a senior in high school and I would have loved a senior session like I provide. I believe that this is the perfect time in your life where something can be all about you. Your fashion - your personality - YOUR session. 



For child and family sessions, please visit my main website: Kel Murphy Photography